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One of the most important times of year for grounds maintenance at any Three Bridges property is winter. This is because when the temperatures fall to freezing or below, or when there is snowfall, there are certain risks that arise. A good Three Bridges grounds maintenance company will be able to help you plan for those risks and take positive action to minimise them.

Why is grounds maintenance important in winter?

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act, employers have to make sure that their staff and anyone else on their premises are kept safe from harm. This means anything that raises the risks of slips and trips needs to be controlled, to make sure people can move around safely.

In addition, snow and ice can cause massive disruption to any site, and it’s important to make sure access to your premises and movement around your grounds is enabled safely, as far as possible. That’s why investing in the services of a Three Bridges grounds maintenance company could represent value for money if it keeps your premises functioning and mitigates against the potential for injury.

What’s involved in winter grounds maintenance?

Winter grounds maintenance in Three Bridges is likely to involve particular tasks, which could include:

  • making sure footpaths, walkways, car parks and driveways are well gritted
  • clearing snowfall to allow access to the property
  • making sure drainage is clear so that snowfall will melt away without causing a flood risk.

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