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Planning an office refurbishment at your Northgate premises is about much more than simply working out where all the workstations will go and what colour paint you want on the walls. A well-planned Northgate office refurbishment project will deliver huge benefits for productivity in your workforce.

Things to consider

Here are just some of the things you should consider when planning your Northgate office refurbishment:

  • Lighting – make sure the overhead ambient light will be sufficient to allow your staff to see what they’re doing, then make sure then have adequate personal lighting at their workstations
  • How you’ll organise the space – consider whether your workspace can offer a variety of different environments to work from as part of your Northgate office refurbishment. Personal workstations, lobbies, conference rooms, break-out rooms, lounge areas or pods can all enhance your employees’ comfort and creativity.
  • Where people will sit – don’t shy away from seating people according to projects or clients they’re working on, rather than organising them according to their department. This could be a way to increase productivity through your office refurbishment.
  • Noise – if you’re planning to use your Northgate office refurbishment to create an open plan office, consider ways to keep the noise down. You could consider office partitioning for example.
  • Colour scheme – the colours you choose in your Northgate office refurbishment project will create an important first impression to visiting clients, but it’s also important to make sure they’ll provide a calm and warm environment for your staff. Bright, garish colours could make it difficult for people to concentrate.

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