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When you hire a local painter to decorate the interior of your Three Bridges home, you don’t have to keep to one constant colour across a room. There are many new paint techniques and tricks that any good Three Bridges painter and decorator can tell you about, which will give your home a more eye-catching and original finish.

Colour block: what it is

For example, one of these paint techniques is called colour blocking. This involves your Three Bridges painter adding a graphic element, such as circles or squares, to dress up a wall or highlight a certain feature in the room. Colour blocking is best suited to more modern homes, but it can be done anywhere – for example behind a piece of art to draw the eye to it, or as an alternative to conventional wall art.

Planning colour blocking

A skilled Three Bridges painter will help you to plan colour blocking, if you think it may be right for your home. This would normally begin with planning the spacing and arrangement of the shapes on paper, then drawing them in pencil on the wall and outlining them with masking tape. They’ll then paint the shapes you’ve marked out in one colour, while the rest of the wall is painted in another. If you choose a colour that relates to something else in the room, colour blocking can help a room feel more complete and well thought out. This isn’t the only paint effect you could choose from, so be sure to ask your Three Bridges painter for more ideas.

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